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paceisthetrick in nyc_for_free

restaurants/cafes that are good for "business"

hello =)

I'm a freelance graphic designer that lives in Manhattan and sometimes I have to meet new clients in person and they don't have an office. I was wondering, what restaurants/cafes do you know of that are good for meetings? I'm talking about places with a DECENT amount of table space (for 2 people) and not too loud either. 

thanks in advance.


Starbucks, if you go to a smaller one & depending on time of day. Most people I know of without offices have their business meetings there. Plus, they won't make you buy stuff or get bitchy if you don't buy something. An employee actually told me this years back.
I did my taxes with a freelance tax preparer at a Cosi. They have wifi and the one I was at, anyway, had a decent amount of space.

If you're looking to actually work side by side with someone the library might also be a good choice.

Also, unrelated, are you part of the freelancers union? They offer a lot of sweet benefits for freelancers as well as good networking and member-to-member discounts. I've been a member for a few years. http://www.freelancersunion.org