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Kumquat Komedy's Festival of Laughs--Hanukkah Spectacular!

Originally posted by drivemymercedes at Kumquat Komedy's Festival of Laughs--Hanukkah Spectacular!

Kumquat Komedy is a stand-up show that currently takes place at Stonewall Inn. The show is gay, straight, bi, pan, curious, and totally into experimenting with its roommate. Mostly, it's a sexy, fun show that features hilarious comics.

The next show is Tuesday Dec 20th at 9pm and is completely free for anyone who RSVPs attending on the facebook page or in a reply to Kumquat's e-mail address

This month's line-up is a special all-Jewish one. Our "Festival of Laughs" will feature
Jeff Lawrence, Amy Beckerman, Hilary Schwartz, Max Cohen, Andy Kleiman, and Joelle Boucai. The whole shebang will be hosted by me, Jessica Lovelace-Chandler (resident shiksa).

Did I mention it's free? You don't even have to buy drinks, but obviously we'd love it if you did!

Hope to see you on Tuesday!


Both FB links are broken.